SIMSAM is short for for ”Swedish Initiative for Research on Microdata in the Social And Medical Sciences”, an initiative supported by the Swedish Research Council (VR). By giving priority to interdisciplinary, innovative register-based research, SIMSAM will contribute to better public health and increased knowledge of social issues. For instance which factors in childhood that result in increased risk for obesity or cancer later in life. The initiative is also intended to promote improved and expanded use of registers in research and to increase the knowledge of how registry research is organized in Sweden and internationally.

During the first SIMSAM period, 2009-2013, the following nodes received funding: MEB, SIMSAM Lund, SUNDEM, SUNSTRAT, UGIR and Umeå.

During the second SIMSAM period, 2014-2018, VR provided funding to: GOCARTs, SIMSAM Lund, SIMSAM MEB family designSIMSAM UGIR, SIMSEG and SUNDEM.

The same graduate school (SINGS) received funding for both SIMSAM periods.

In this section the organization of SIMSAM is described.