SIMSAM organization 2014-2018

SIMSAM is organized as a network of six research nodes and a graduate school (SINGS) as depicted below. At Karolinska Institutet there are two nodes: SIMSAM MEB family design and SIMSAM UGIR, also the graduate school SINGS is managed from there. SIMSAM Lund is based at Lund University and SUNDEM is located at Stockholm University. The SIMSEG node is coordinated from Linköping University and GOCARTs resides at the University of Gothenburg.

Organisation SIMSAM

The national SIMSAM steering group consists of research coordinators/principal investigators of the six nodes and SINGS and is chaired by a network coordinator. The steering group is supported by affiliated experts from the National Board of Health and Welfare (SoS), Statistics Sweden (SCB), the Swedish National Dataservice (SND), the Swedish Research Council (VR) and from a VR-funded project denoted SIMSAM-INFRA. An international scientific advisory board (SAB) is engaged to facilitate the promotion of Swedish register-based research.