Bengt Westerberg will propose two new laws for research

The Westerberg enquiry into facilitating register based research (U2013:01) will be presented on June 26, 2014. It will propose a new biobank law and a new law on research databases. The law on biobanks posposes that data and statistics on Swedish biobanks should be kept by the National Board of Health and Welfare. The new law on research databases will be a general basis for keeping broadly defined databases for research purposes at the universities. A wide purpose research register of this kind will be based on a government ordinance (förordning). It does not have to define a specific hypothesis or set of hypotheses in order to be legal. Implementation of research registers will be based on recommendations from the Swedish Research Council. Upon decision by the government, the research register may be warranted the right to obtain data from other government registers, i.e. from Statistics Sweden or The National Board of Health and Welfare.