Berzelius symposium on Life Cycles: Human Reproduction, Growth and Development, Malmö 23-24 April

Arranged by Centre of Excellence for Reproduction and Perinatal Sciences (CERPS) at the Lund University and Skåne University Hospital in Lund and Malmö, Sweden

Various aspects of reproduction are in focus, not only for individuals longing for parenthood but also for science and society at large. For example, problems related to overcoming infertility have been on the medical agenda since more than 30 years following the introduction of methods for in-vitro fertilization. The support for healthy pregnancies, safe deliveries, and protection of normal growth development of new-borns are main topics for the ”Reproductive health” strategy launched by the World Health Organization (WHO). Another important aspect is how to support the development of an emotional attachment between parents and offspring and to promote children’s and their caregivers’ mental health based on insights from developmental psychology. As society and social structures are changing on a global scale this also impacts on the structure of families, which is also in social and legal transition. The number of children per women is decreasing while the mean age of parents when having their first child is increasing, so is the proportion of families with only one parent or with two same-sex parents living with the child. All these trends are of great importance for medical, social, psychological and cultural aspects of reproductive life.

It is our ambition that the 89th Berzelius symposium, held in Malmö, Sweden, will provide an opportunity to mirror these developments linked to reproductive life and also to discuss a research agenda for the future. Moreoever, this is timely and important as epidemiological research findings indicate that the health status of newborns and young children is of fundamental importance both for somatic and mental health later in life. We hope that you will join us for the Berzelius symposium on 23–24th April 2014 and look forward to your active participation. There will be a number of oral presentations but also a possibility to submit abstracts for poster presentation.

Welcome to Malmö in April 2014!
ulf kristoffersson · peter m nilsson · elia psouni
For the Organizing Committee