Biobank WEBINAR May 23: Medical studies in the Multi-Generation Register

Sweden has a strong tradition of civil accounting which extends back to the Church Accounting Act in the 1700s . In the 1940s social security numbers were introduced, and twenty years later data management was digitized. The first version of the Multi-Generation Register was created in 2000. It is managed by Statistics Sweden, and includes data on for example kinship and birth places.

The link between children and parents is crucial in medical research. In recent years the Demographic Data Base in Umeå, which was created in the 1970s, has received increased funding to develop opportunities for studies of health and socioeconomical factors in Västerbotten over generations. In the second biobank WEBINAR of the spring semester Andreas Blomquist presents the Multi-Generation Register and Elisabeth Engberg presents the Demographic Database, as well as research projects where the database has been used.

The webinar will be held in Swedish but questions in English are welcome.

Date: May 23 at 11:00-11:45

Location: SUNET Adobe Connect

Speakers: Andreas Blomquist, advisor, Statistics Sweden, Örebro, Elisabeth Engberg, PhD, Demographic Database , Umeå University

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