Biobanking as a resource for bio-medical research, Course at KI, Feb 9-13 2015

The Department of Medical Epidemiology and Biostatistics (MEB), Karolinska Institutet in collaboration with will arrange a one week course (1.5 ECTS) February 9-13, 2015, addressing fundamental concepts in biobank infrastructures and biobank research, ethical and legal frameworks, technologies, sample analysis and practical considerations when new samples are to be collected.

Participants will gain insight in and knowledge of:

• the value of biobanking in national and international collaboration projects

• the need of standardization and the importance to ensure quality in all steps from needle to freezer

• basic principles of common and advanced molecular technologies for sample analysis

• the need of a secure IT structure in order to ensure the integrity of the sample donors with full traceability of samples and data

• data handling and bioinformatics in biomedical research

• the legal and ethical framework for biomedical research on human samples

The course will include lectures, field trips and presentations (= examination)

PhD students, postdocs and professionals from health care, universities and industry with an interest in biobanking are welcome to apply to the course.

Course management:

Cecilia Björkdahl, 08-52487265; responsible for the course.

Joakim Galli

Gunnel Tybring (course manager)

Link to additional information about the course in the KI course catalogue (N.B. although the course number is 2714 information is found via the number 1921 in the course catalogue).

Link to registration/application for PhD students and postdocs (application dead-line November 17, 2014)

Professionals from health care, universities and industry: Please send your CV and a short letter in which you motivate your interest to attend this course before December 1 to Gunnel Tybring, Course manager. E-mail:

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