First meeting of the Register Data Council 20 March 2014

On March 20, the first meeting of the Swedish Register Data Council takes place. The council was proposed by "Statistikutredningen" and included in the Regulation Letter to the Swedish Research Council. The purpose is to advise the Swedish Research Council on issues regarding register based research with the ulterior purpose to strengthen this research by increased collaboration between the stakeholders in the field. The Council is composed of the directors of the important data authorities and senior representatives for Swedish research in medicine, epidemiology, social science, and the humanities. Currently, the council members are:

Sven Stafström, Chair, Acting Director General, The Swedish Research Council

Stefan Lundgren, Director General, Statistics Sweden

Petra Otterblad Olausson, Head Division of Statistics, National Board of Health and Welfare

Severin Blomstrand, Chair, Central Council for Ethical Vetting

Lena Gustafsson, Vice-Chancellor, Umeå University

Kristina Svahn Starrsjö, Director General, The Swedish Data Inspection Board

Rune Åberg, professor, sociology

Kjell Asplund, professor, epidemiology

Anders Brändström, Chairman of the steering committee of the Swedish National Data Service

Peter Allebeck, Secretary General, FORTE