Health inequalities symposium in Stockholm, January 23-24, 2013

Life expectancy has been growing in the modern world, but this development is unequally shared. Health inequalities, measured as differences in life expectancy between segments of the population in one country, are large and seem to be growing steadily. This is equally the case for modern welfare states with advanced systems for social protection, such as the Nordic states, where life expectancy differences between educational groups have been growing for more than three decades.

Leading researchers will share new evidence from the European continent, Britain and Scandinavia on health trends. Explanations for the growing health gaps will be discussed. We will focus in particular on the role of education and discuss why modern welfare policies and a commitment to egalitarian policies do not seem to be enough to reduce health inequalities.

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, together with the Inter Academy Medical Panel, are inviting you to a state-of-the-art symposium to discuss what we know, what we need to know and what the proper political responses might be to health inequalities in modern societies.

The symposium is open to the public but registration is required. Please register at latest 21 January. For more information and registration please visit

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