How to use biobanks and registries in R&D? webinar 6 December invites you to a webinar about the collaboration between academy & industry in biobanking and register research. The webinar will feature how the project U-CAN establishes a new kind of real-time register in order to refine cancer diagnostics and treatment. LIF is involved as discussion partner and as industry representative when it comes to making specification of requirements. The webinar also features how biobanks and registers can be used in industrial outcomes research.

U-CAN is a collaboration project between Uppsala University, Umeå University, Stockholm University and KTH the Royal Institute of Technology. MSD is an international company active in research, development and selling of drugs. LIF is a trade association for research-based pharmaceutical companies and represents approximately 80 companies in Sweden.

Location: SUNET Adobe Connect Webinar

Date: Friday 6 december at 11:00-11:45

Speakers: Tobias Sjöblom, PI U-CAN, Uppsala University; Stina Salomonsson, Associate Director Outcomes Research, MSD; Karolina Antonov, LIF, Head of Policy.

The webinar will be held in Swedish but questions in English are welcome.
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