Interactive tool to facilitate ordering of register data launched by SoS

”Socialstyrelsens interaktiva variabelväljare” (SIV) contains information about the registers, such as available annual information, quality information about the variables together with advice and recommendations from the administrators. In three simple steps it is possible to select registers, outputs and variables, next SIV generates a variable list. SIV also contributes to increased quality of the delivery and reduced processing time as the tool generates SAS code, which the administrator uses to retrieve data.

After having downloaded SIV, data sets at SoS can be explored and shared with colleagues for future projects. After having made the data selection, a copy of SIV is to be saved and sent via e-mail to SoS accompanied by relevant order forms and documents.

Find SIV by clicking "Download variable selector" ("Hämta variableväljare") via

Link to SIV instruction film