Introduction to register-based research at LU – deadline for application 18 September

This 2 x 3 ECTS course at Lund University is open for first-year doctoral students performing register-based research using population data as an important component of their thesis work. The course is also open for postdoctoral students who need an introduction to the field, or to the Swedish infrastructure for register-based research. Applicants should have basic knowledge of data handling and data analysis using statistical software and be able to understand and communicate in English since the course is held in English.

Part 1 and 2 of the course each includes two course occasions. Part 1: October 5-7 and December 7-9, 2015. Part 2: February 15-16 and March 14-16, 2016.

The course, denoted  MERBFO1,is based on the following four themes:

1) Introduction, ethical and legal aspects (included in part 1)
2) Study design (included in part 1)
3) Bias in observational studies (included in part 2)
4) Further applications in registry-based research (included in part 2)

Link to additional information about the course

Link to course plan in Swedish

Link to course application (deadline 18 September for Part 1)

Course leaders
Jonas Björk, professor of Epidemiology, 
Kirk Scott, professor of Economic history,
Kristin Andersson, researcher,