Meeting on large-scale population studies, Uppsala October 16-17

During the past five years, a number of recent epidemiological studies have been initiated in Sweden. The common denominator of the studies is that they all have the ambition to be bigger than most previous studies initiated in Sweden and that they make use of biobank material. The large-scale ambition is among other things driven by the fact that modern genetic analyses require comprehensive material in order to allow relevant statistical power. This ambition, however, is expensive and it can be questioned how many such large-scale studies the Swedish research community is able to finance. With the aim to establish an overview of the situation and discuss these issues we now make an open invitation to the FIRST SWEDISH MEETING ON LARGE-SCALE POPULATION STUDIES in Uppsala 16-17 October 2013.

We hope that you will find the program interesting and that you will register for the meeting.

Welcome to Uppsala in the fall!

Lars Lind

Link to invitation in Swedish, preliminary program and practical details including how to register