Interdisciplinary research on early life exposures in a life course perspective

The overall purpose of the SIMSAM Lund program is to study determinants of health during early life and their contribution to educational success, active working life, and healthy aging using rich Swedish microdata.

Equally important, we will contribute to the development of new methods to analyze register data in a life course perspective.

We also aim to promote infrastructure for research based on biobanks, surveys and registries through a broad range of activities including courses and lunch seminars, a webpage with practical advice regarding data access from regional as well as national data sources and a study advisory board directed towards young researchers and their supervisors.

More information related to SIMSAM Lund can be found at the local home page: or via contacting:
Anna Rignell-Hydbom, Principal Investigator (; +46 46 2221630)
Jonas Björk, Deputy Principal Investigator (; +46 46 177930)