The Stockholm University SIMSAM node for studies in social stratification

This project concerns the differential rewarding of social positions and the unequal opportunities of reaching these positions, i.e. social stratification. Our project focuses on the dynamics of stratification i.e. mobility over the life cycle (such as occupational or income careers) and across generations (from parents to children). Registry data is of crucial importance for the project and makes it possible to study relatively small but theoretically relevant groups such as the labour market elite and the poor. Moreover, detailed analyses of determinants of social stratification, e.g. educational attainment at a high level of specificity, are possible, as well as linkages between family members and relatives. Besides contributing to the development of this research field our over-all goal is to also make a substantial contribution to the infrastructure of register research, internally at Stockholm University as well as at the national level.

Our group consists of about 20 researchers at different stages of the academic career. Most are sociologists and are situated at the Swedish institute for social research, but we collaborate across the boundaries of our discipline with e.g. economists, demographers and epidemiologists. We also have a formalized guest research program that helps bringing talented international researchers to our group.

The following areas of research are covered by the project;

1. Educational inequalities,
2. Elite recruitment and careers,
3. Gender, family and social stratification,
4. Income inequality and poverty,
5. Intergenerational mobility and transmission of resources,
6. Occupational/status attainment,
7. Social inequalities in health and mortality.

More information related to SUNSTRAT can be found at the local home page: or via contacting:
Erik Bihagen, Principal Investigator and Coordinator (, +46 8 16 2651)

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want more information or if you are interested in discussing future collaboration!