Transmitted and Acquired Determinants of Health across the Life-Span

The general aim of the SIMSAM MEB node was to study transmitted and acquired determinants of important health conditions across the life-span, by improving and expanding the use of existing and emerging Swedish registers. Specifically, we were studying:

1. Early life exposure to antibiotics, family history and subsequent childhood health.
2. The effect of psychiatric disorders in parents on criminality in adolescence.
3. Prenatal exposures and familial contribution to obesity in young adulthood and its
    influence on subsequent cardiovascular morbidity.
4. Family history, transgenerational socioeconomic status and cardiovascular diseases.
5. Familial cancer risk, to provide further data for clinical counseling and cancer genetics.

Within our network of approximately 30 researchers including 4 PhD students we applied an interdisciplinary approach to register-based research bringing together scientists from various parts of the medical and social sciences from Sweden as well as internationally; NIH, Harvard University, University of Milan, National University of Singapore, Centre for Molecular Epidemiology, National University of Singapore, Nordic Twin Registries.

Weimin Ye was Principal Investigator and Coordinator of the SIMSAM MEB node 2009-2013.
Contact information:, +46 8 524 861 84.