Microdata research on childhood for lifelong health and welfare

The Umeå SIMSAM Lab strives to become a nationally and internationally renowned centre of excellence on microdata research on childhood for lifelong health and welfare combining social and medical sciences. Linking data from several register sources will enable analyses which in a unique way will elucidate the importance of childhood for the health and welfare of individuals in a life-course and multi-generation perspective.

Within our network of approximately 40 researchers including 14 PhD students we apply an interdisciplinary approach to register-based research bringing together scientists from various parts of the social and medical sciences such as: Public Health and Clinical Medicine, Division of Epidemiology and Global Health and the Division of Occupational and Environmental Medicine; Social and Economic Geography; Sociology and Statistics. Our research is divided into the four themes below.

Theme 1Social and environmental determinants of child health and welfare
                  throughout the life-course.

Theme 2Childhood diseases in a social context.
Theme 3The Salut programme: monitoring, aetiological studies and evaluation.
Theme 4Development of modern statistical methods for microdata research.

More information related to the Umeå SIMSAM Lab can be found at the local homepage or via contacting:
Anneli Ivarsson, Principal Investigator (; +46 90 785 3344).

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want more information or if you are interested in discussing future collaboration!