New Swedish regulations on registries may be delayed

The Westerberg enquiry on register-based research "Unik kunskap genom registerforskning" (SOU 2014:45, have been commented and a summary of comments are being compiled at the Ministry of Education and Research. One of the main suggestions of the enquiry is a new Swedish regulation on data bases for research purposes.  The regulation would make it possible to build data bases with person identified data without specifying what the information will be used for when collecting the data. Each data base would have its own decree regulating its purpose, content etc. Many bodies of referral are positive to the suggestions of the enquiry, but there is also some criticism, for instance with respect to integrity issues. The need for taking international collaboration into account is also requested. Originally, the new regulations were to come into effect 1 January 2016, however now the time indication is more ambiguous.

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