New VR SIMSAM grants, application dead-line 17 April

The purpose of the grant(s) from the Swedish Research Council (VR) is to contribute to improved health and knowledge of social issues through interdisciplinary and innovative register-based research. The grant(s) also aim to improve and extend the use of registry data for research, inspire and train young scientists to use registers in their research and to contribute to the development of infrastructure for register-based research in Sweden and internationally. The groups receiving grants represent nodes in the interaction, whose physical location can be at different universities in the country to take advantage of the best thematic institutional environments. SIMSAM also includes an interdisciplinary graduate school. Application for the graduate school is to be performed separately, but must be linked to one of the groups that receive the funds.

VR opens a call for framework grants of 3-5 million per year for five years and a call for a multidisciplinary SIMSAM graduate school of 2-3 million per year for five years. A total of 27 million per year for five years has been allocated, which also includes funds for the graduate school and the future coordinator. Dead-line for applications is set to 17 April and funding will be available from January 2014.

Link to more information on the framework  grants

Link to more information on the grant for the graduate school

In connection to this new SIMSAM call, the Swedish Research Council (VR) will host an open information event focused on SIMSAM and on register-based research Thursday February 21,
1 p.m. – 4 p.m.

Limited number of participants.
Dead-line for announcing participation: February 8 (via e-mail to

Link to more information on the information event at VR