NordMAN initiative aims to facilitate researcher’s access to cross-Nordic microdata

The NordMAN project, funded by NordForsk, is a cooperation platform for the Nordic National Statistical Institutes (NSI’s) with the aim to provide better service to the Nordic research community by improving the access to cross-Nordic data, both by providing a unified access point to cross-Nordic microdata and by providing harmonized metadata across the Nordic NSI’s. The project has two broad goals: 1) Test a model for cross-Nordic microdata access which was proposed in the Feasibility Study Regarding Research Access to Nordic Microdata; 2) Propose and implement a common framework for metadata accompanying microdata, available for research purposes across the Nordic NSI’s.

The NordMan project will be presented at the open national SIMSAM meeting in Norrköping 12-13 October 2016. Link to presentation draft.