Patient Registry news for 2015

The Patient Registry, kept by the National Board of Health and Welfare (SoS), constitutes an invaluable source for statistics and research. Demand on the registry data is large and constantly growing, why the register needs to be continuously developed and improved. Therefore, SoS will turn to monthly reporting to the Patient Registry from 30 April 2015. In addition, new data on waiting times for emergency care will be collected. The new data will include the total length of stay, time to first decision grounding assessment by doctors, patience’s return within 72 hours and if the patient departs without assessment and/or treatment. Data for 2014 will be reported as previously, i.e., on an annual basis and will be completed as soon as possible after 31 March 2015. Regarding the new monthly data, it is difficult to predict when they might be useful, but SoS will continuously update the information at

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