Please contribute to develop the github REGISTERRESEARCH

Please visit the project registerresearch at This is a community where you can see and download programs and see descriptions of registers and register based research.

In order to not just view but also contribute to the registerresearch community, the first thing you have to do is to sign up as a member of github. This is a simple process explained on the site. It does not cost anything or inferany obligations. Then drop one of us a note (see contact persons below), and we will make sure that you are signed up as a potential contributor to a repository. In general, we will sign you up to all the repositories, if you only need access to a few, please let us know.

Contact persons:

The registerresearch service is currently under development. It is waiting for your contributions. The purpose is to share and jointly develop program code and experiences pertaining to register based research, primarily on Swedish population based registries. The service does not contain any personal data, but aims at sharing code for work on any data you may have access to for research purposes. Help us develop the site by mailing ideas and views using the contact data at the end of this message.

 Registerresearch is organized according to three principles:

1. Registers
Should contain libraries like "DOR" (Causes of Death Register) or "LISA", (Longitudinal Integration Database for Sickness Insurance and Labor Market Studies). Program code and information on work on a specific register.

2. Software
Should contain libraries for program code written in a specific software (SAS; SPSS, R, EXcel, etc.)

3. Topic
Should contain program code on specific topics pertaining to data management (cleaning, such as elminating double entries, checking data, such as correction of dates, civic registration numbers, merging different registers, etc) or methodology (survival analysis, measuring labor market attachment over time, etc).

A program will normally be part of more than one library in registerresearch.

In order to view the preliminary setup of this sharing environment and contribute with your ideas, please visit:

The service will be hosted by the Swedish National Dataservice (SND) at the University of Gothenburg.