Seminar on register-based research for Members of Parliament in Brussels

On Tuesday 20 October, Karolinska Institutet and Stockholm County Council will arrange a lunch meeting with European politicians in the European Parliament in Brussels. The intention is to show politicians how register-based research is performed, which results can be obtained in terms of public health and welfare gains, and why so big amounts of person identified data need to be kept for such a long time. Link to invitation

The meeting will include contributions from Anders Hamsten (Vice Chancellor Karolinska Institutet), Hans-Olov Adami ("Mr. Epidemiology"), Juleen Zierath (Chair Nobel Committee) and Camilla Stoltenberg (Director Norwegian Public Health Institute).








Click on the image above to listen to an interview with Hans-Olov Adami and Juleen Zierath.

The negotiations are approaching the critical phase when issues relevant for register-based research will be discussed. Negotiations follow the time schedule so far, and the issues most relevant for research will probably be on the agenda for November. Hopefully, the seminar will enlighten decision makers who do not understand what register-based studies require in terms of data handling.