SIMSAM members are interested in and encouraged to share code and lessons learned

The national SIMSAM steering group wishes to acknowledge SIMSAM members for contributing to the SIMSAM survey which was performed before this summer, and a special thanks goes to Marie Reilly who suggested, executed and summarized the survey! Also Luwis Diya is greatly acknowledged for analysis of responses. Marie has provided a background to and a summary of the survey results.

It is very encouraging to learn that there is a great interest and willingness among SIMSAM members to share expertise and information regarding code. Related to this, it was agreed at the latest SIMSAM national steering group meeting, September 17, to establish a dedicated “data management group” with representatives from all nodes. This group is expected to further investigate and discuss the need for and possibilities of sharing code and lessons learned regarding data preparation and analysis. The aim is to engage additional SIMSAM members with interest in these issues via the “data management group”. Discussions could also take place via the discussion forum under construction at (when the forum is up and running all SIMSAM members will be notified about this).

The national steering group encourages all SIMSAM members to share code, methods, information etc. to the greatest extent possible.