SIMSAM workshop on register-based research at Medicinska riksstämman 3 December

SIMSAM will organize an interactive workshop focusing on register-based research 3 December at "Medicinska riksstämman 2015" in Stockholm. The target group is physicans and other medical staff working with (quality) registers with intentions to use reigsters for research purposes or who already have started to do this and want to learn more about register-based research. Three one-hour sessions from 1.45 p.m. will include introduction, interactive mini seminars and round table discussions. The activity will be held in Swedish. Members of Svenska Läkaresällskapet can register to Medicinska riksstämman for free (deadline 15 November). When registering to Riksstämman, please take the opportunity to register to the SIMSAM workshop in advance (to increase your chance to join the workshop).

Link to additional information about the workshop and how to register.

About Medicinska riksstämman:
On 3-4 December 2015 Swedish physicians, researchers, business managers, decision makers, authorities, organizations and commersial and industrial life gather to jointly face the future challenges of Swedish health care. The two intensive days will comprize a stimulating program on the theme of tomorrow's health and health care – challenges and opportunities. There will be inspiring lectures, courses and debate for physicians at all stages of their careers, from student to experienced specialist.