SINGS elective courses fall 2015 – application deadline 31 August

During the fall of 2015, SINGS will arrange the following 1.5 ECTS elective courses open also for non-SINGS students and for postdocs. The application deadline for all courses is 31 August 2015. Additional information about the courses can be found at (under the heading "Elective courses").

Social and life-course epidemiology (2-6 November 2015)
The course focuses on concepts, principles and theories related to social determinants of health, social selection, life course and intergenerational determinants of health as well as strength and weaknesses of epidemiological study designs most commonly used in life course research.
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Design and analysis of twin and family based studies (9-13 November 2015)
Focus will be on theory and practice of within-family analyses, in particular by means of fixed effects regression models. Heritability and its applications in the classic twin model framework will also be covered.
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Advanced course in SAS programming for health care data (23-27 November 2015)
The course will focus on how to work independently with large data bases in SAS, performing the data management needed for observational studies from for instance a register linkage. Although exercises during the course will use health care data, the same skills would be useful for studies in e.g., demography, sociology, and economics. The course will cover how to process data using built-in functions and procedures, including loops, data merges and operations with SAS Base and SQL, the benefits of transposition, and how to write your own functions (macros). Examples of common statistical techniques and how to export relevant results to edited tables will also be included.
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