SINGS grad school

SINGS is an abbreviation of the Swedish INterdisciplinary Graduate School in register-based research.

The subject area of SINGS is “register-based research”, which covers all quantitative scientific disciplines that use registers in research, such as epidemiology, public health, sociology, demography, psychology, statistics, health economics, and other medical and social sciences.

The curriculum is designed in accordance with outcome-based education and is intended to develop deeper knowledge, skills and scientific and ethical approaches regarding how different sources of data and registers can and should be utilised in research, preparing for a scientific career in the area of register-based research.The graduate school is a complement to mandatory courses required at the university where the student is registered. The programme includes a minimum of 12 higher education credits.

In courses and workshops, there will be some seats available for doctoral students and Post-doctoral students not part of SINGS. These seats will be announced at SINGS local web page.

The target group is doctoral students involved in register-based research within their research training and eligible applicants are doctoral students and future doctoral students at a Swedish university.

SINGS is run from the Institute of Environmental Medicine (IMM) at Karolinska Institutet.
Linkt to additional information at local web page at IMM/KI

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