Social Stratification (SU)

The Dept. of Sociology at Stockholm University offers the course Social Stratification. The course provides an overview of some classic and recent theory and research in (a) social mobility and inequality of educational opportunity, (b) theories of social class with empirical applications, and (c) social stratification in other dimensions, viz. gender, family, poverty, and elites. The focus will be on both descriptions of social stratification in modern societies, and on explanations. Particular attention is devoted to comparative research and to empirical examples from Sweden.

The course is given in English during September 2012 (course start September 4, end October 2). It consists of 7.5 ECTS and is at advanced level in Sociology. For further information see

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Departmental coordinator: Maria Bagger-Sjöbäck (

Teacher: Professor Jan O. Jonsson

Contact person: Erik Bihagen (