The European Parliament has voted on new data protection regulation

On March 12, the European Parliament voted with strong support to accept the proposed version of the new Data Protection Regulation suggested by the Civil Liberties and Home Affairs Committee (LIBE) and the rapporteur Jean Philippe Albrecht. Some minor changes were introduced compared to the LIBE version, but the main problems for register based research remain in the text. It is questionalbe whether the text in the parliament version would allow for the collection of health data for statistical and reserach purposes without informed consent, which may threaten the existence of all the Swedish health registers, including health care quality registers. In addition, it is very unclear what is meant by pseudonymized data. The current text should be clarified in order to make it possible to collect research databases. The parliament version of the text will be reviewed by the council of ministers and will become one of the inputs to further negotiations between the parliament, the council and the commission. Since the election to the parliament will occur before the council has stated their view, it is likely that the process will take time.