VR workshop on development of e-infrastructures 24 May

Currently the Council for Research Infrastructures (RFI) of the Swedish Research Council (VR) is performing a survey of Swedish researcher’s needs for e-infrastructures. Examples of e-infrastructure are computers for large-scale computing, visualization, modeling and storage, data transmission networks and advanced user support associated to this.

Anders Ynnerman (LiU) is the chair of the assignment and he is assisted by seven scientific panels. As an important part of the survey RFI will arrange a workshop in Stockholm 24 May to involve more people and gain a better understanding present opinions and experiences. Link to registration and more information about the workshop. The primary target group for the workshop is researchers with large current, or future needs of the various e-infrastructures, and researchers who contribute to the development of e-infrastructure. Note that funding or organization of the e-Infrastructures will not be discussed at the workshop.